The Neck Tie:

There are a number of ways to tie a necktie.  When selecting a knot take into consideration the shirt collar and event.  The full or double Windsor is typically worn with a wide collar shirt (formal events).  The half Windsor as well as the four-in-hand knot is best worn with a standard shirt collar for formal or informal events.

The Bow Tie: 

The bow tie is a fashion accessory that has a commanding appeal. It represents a man that is self -confident, has a unique sense of style, and one that pays extra attention to detail.


What's trending in neck ties:

Learning how to tie a neck tie allows you the opportunity to express your sense of style and talent. Some mathematicians suggest that there are over 180,000 ways to tie a tie. Pictured left to right is the Trinity Knot, the Eldredge Knot, and the Cape Knot 

 The Ascot Tie - How and when to wear the ascot. The ascot tie or scarf is definitely making a comeback. It is usually worn around the neck inside an open shirt collar to dress up a casual look, and double knotted with a pin for a more formal look. The ascot replaces a tie when wearing a suit or blazer.Available in a variety in colors and patterns.