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Laura G., Murrieta, CA 5/20/2018 (5 Stars Yelp)

Just went to Class Act for the second time, great service!! The first time we came here our son was 11 years old, just used them again for his junior prom and Shae remembered him 6 years later! Love this place, I highly recommend them!! Large selection, great quality, great customer service!!


Keith B., May 2018 (5 Stars Google)

These people are so on point with service and will work around your schedule


Michelle L., May 2018 (5 Stars Google)

At this point Shae and Sal are like family to us. They've been a part of every big event in my son's life, most recently including senior prom. My husband and son always look amazing in their suits and tuxes. Their tailoring is impecible- I highly recommend Class Act Tuxedo.


Joy W., April 2018 (5 Stars Google)

We have been renting Tuxedos from Class Act Tuxedo for several years now. They are amazing! They are professional and affordable which is wonderful! They make every customer feel special! I highly recommend Class Act Tuxedo in Temecula!


Carlos C., April 2018 (5 Stars Google)

After getting fitted for a tux 3 weeks in advance to prom, I had to make a last minute change 1 week before and they had no problem accommodating to my demands. Overall great customer service after 2 years of renting a tux from the nicest people in town.


Jennifer, M. April 2018 (5 Stars Google)

Excellent service! Both owners are very friendly and welcoming. They make you feel like family. There is a large amount of tuxedos to choose from. I also liked how involved they are with their community. They do a lot for the community.


Lisa T., April 2018 (5 Stars Google)

Simply the best! They have dressed our son for the past 2 years for Prom and he always looks great! They have a lot of options and ways to arrange the perfect look. Shae & Sal are amazing and they will take amazing care of you!


Cynthia K., April 2018 (5 Stars Google)

We wouldn't think of going anywhere else! Shae is wonderful! Thanks Class Act!


Brent W., April 2018 (5 Stars Google)

7 days before Temecula valley has 8 proms and she was so gracious and courteous. Total mom and pop shop with very reasonable prices. Highly recommended


Sarah P., April 2018 (5 Stars Google)

Shae and Sal are amazing people. They made getting the fit my son wanted for prom so easy. Not only was it easy but it was exactly his vision. It’s hard to find customer service now days and these two blew it out of the ball park. It’s not just a tux shop it’s a family and you become a part of their family. We will surly use their expertise for any tux/suit rentals we need. These two come highly recommended.


Cole Y., April 2018 (5 Stars Google)

Shae and Sal are the best, not just at their job but with giving life advice and being there when you need someone to listen. Shae's my second mama.


Danny, H., April 2018 (5 Stars Google)

Super great services and prices! Anyone looking for a tux for prom or any lther special occasion, i definitely recommend this place. They make sure and care that you're looking good.


Carlos O., April 2018 (5 Stars Google)

Amazing service, very family like, and the suits are great quality. I came here for my prom suit and my sisters 15 party, definitely coming here for my future tux needs!!


Andrew B., April 2018 (5 Stars Google)

The prices were extremely fair and they helped me look and feel good with the tuxes the offered me. Especially in such short notice


Melissa T., 4/12/2018 (5 Stars Google)

Shae and Sal provide the most amazing customer service. They remember your name and are genuinely interested in your life. We recently got suits from them for our wedding and the experience was so easy. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to rent or buy because their suits are top quality and their customer service was even better!

Kent Barnard 4/10/2017 (5 Stars Google)

"Class Act" describes this business perfectly! Shae and Saul are a team whose expertise is far above any tuxedo rental I've ever had! They are polite, know your name and remember it, are fun, and so efficient you will be amazed.

Each customer (and everyone with them) is treated like a king or queen! Customer service here should be modeled by every business in the world!
My only regret is that we live in Wisconsin, or I would use this store all the time!
You cannot go wrong choosing Class Act Tuxedos in Temecula.


Josh K., Murrieta, CA 3/18/2018 (5 Stars Yelp)

The best tux shop in town.  You will notice and appreciate the personal touch and time taken by the owners to make sure your event will be great and you will look great.  I highly recommend them.


Dennis D., Los Angeles, CA 3/7/2018 (5 Stars Yelp)

***They were so helpful and fun***

The owners were great.  The entire time I was there at the fitting I was cracking up.  Lots of jokes and great personalities.  
I honestly didn't think much of a rental shop since I hadn't ever rented a suit before.  The fitting seemed to go really quickly.   So, I expected the suit to not be quite right.  Boy, was I wrong!  Not only was it a great quality suit.  But, damn!  I looked good in it!  I immediately emailed them after the wedding and asked how much it would be to buy the suit.  I haven't yet bought it... but I will!  It was the best looking suit I've ever put on. :) :) :)


Mayola S., Lake Elsinore, CA (5 Stars Yelp) 2/27/2018


The owners are amazing. They are so friendly, they treat you like family. We walked in and had them help my husband and my family members for my wedding. They were on it and had exactly what we were looking for. I definitely recommend anyone to go there, you won't be disappointed at all. Their prices are unbeatable as well. Completely worth your time I promise!!


Rihana Daghlawi, CA. 2/2018 (5 Stars Google) 

I rented tuxedos for my 4 boys, for 2 seperate occasions from here and they were absolutely stunning. The customer service is great and I highly recommend coming here for renting/purchasing tuxes!!!!


Tom, C., Bonita, CA 2/25/2018 (5 Stars Yelp) 

Sal and Shae are top notch! Fast, friendly and reliable. They set me up with the nicest Tux and I will for sure be back.


Jeri E., Murrieta, CA 1/24/2018 (5 Stars Yelp)

Went to rent suits for the Groom and Groomsmen for our wedding and they are amazing. The guys looked absolutely stunning! They are so easy to work with and they are so welcoming. Highly recommend this place!


Joey S., February 2018 (5 Stars Google)

I was overall satisfied with my tux. Very helpful and great service. I will be coming back again. Thank you shae and Sal


Sandy, A., 1/19/2018 (5 Stars Google)

My husband has been going here for years so when it was time to find a tux for our wedding he knew where to go and who to see. Shay and Sal are the best in the business!


Travis B., 1/13/2017 (5 Stars Google)
This place is awesome!!!! Great service!!! Friendly attitude!!! Great prices!!! I will never go to another shop! They earned my business for life and I will be referring everyone I know to Class Act Tuxedo!

Travis, R., 1/12/2018 (5 Stars Google)

Shay was FANTASTIC! I was looking for a well priced suit and I've seen their advertisements for while. The owners were Sooo nice and friendly. Shay really took her time to find the right measurements and make you feel like family. I will definitely be coming back here and if you are looking for Formal Wear THIS IS THE PLACE TO GO!


Nick R., Murrieta, CA  1/12/2018 (5 Stars Yelp & Google) 

Shae and Sal were super helpful and I was able to get a very nice tailored suit in less than 24hrs for a very fair price. I highly recommend using them for you suit/tuxedo needs.


Nancy S., Sun City, CA (5 Stars Yelp) 1/8/2018

Look no further. Class Act has everything you are looking for, or they can order it for you, if you give them enough time. As well, their prices are very competitive and reasonable.

My husband waited until the last minute to rent a suit, for an event we knew about months in advance. We are new to the area, and I had no idea where to go. So, I got on Yelp. After reading Class Act's reviews, I knew I found the store for my hubby.

As soon as I walked in, I was immediately greeted, with a level of sincerity that is very hard to find these days. It was as if I walked into a time warp - in the best of ways. The owners of the store are husband and wife team, Sal and Shae. They run the day-to-day operation. And, they are AWESOME!  By the time I walked out, I felt better, just by speaking with them. They are extremely focused on your customer-service experience. 

I am so happy I found them. My family will only use Class Act for our tuxedo/suit rentals or suit purchases.

Thank you Class Act for taking such great care of the love of my life.


Larry Y. December 2017 (5 Stars Google)

Great shop, great location, great selection, great price AND great customer service! Thank you Sal and Shea! - 


Elizabeth C., Temecula, CA 12/27/2017 (5 Stars Yelp)

The couple that own this business are spectacular and know their stuff!! My son has gone there for 4 proms and has never been disappointed; not to mention he always looks sharp in what they recommend and have fitted for him! I would highly recommend this business!


Marisol O., Murrieta, CA 12/18/2017 (5 Stars Yelp)

Class Act Tuxedo is awesome. From the very beginning the service was great. Shae was very helpful in getting my husband prepared for our ball. Our tuxedo was on time and she was very accommodating to a few last minute changes. Thank you Shae!!


Ralf I. , Grass Valley, CA 12/13/2017 (5 Stars Yelp)

these folks were great,left my tuxedo at home ,they had me fitted and out the door in 1/2 hour and ontime to our sons wedding,they had a tux in my size which nobody else had and they are the nicest people!!!!!!!!!!!!!


William K., November 2017 (5 Stars Google)

This is a wonderful place to receive a Tuxedo for an important event. The staff was friendly and very approachable. She understood exactly what I needed and the tailoring was on point. I will be utilizing their services again the in near future. Check out their suit sales too!!!! Unparalleled prices!

Alexa S., Vista, CA 11/7/2017 (5 Stars Yelp) 

Sal and Shae did a great job on my husbands wedding suit. We originally went to Mens Warehouse and was so disappointed with the selection and customer service. We drove by Class Act and decided to give them a shot. We are so glad we stopped in there! Sal listened to our concerns regarding the fit and recommended that we purchase a suit and have it custom fitted. Purchasing the suit was almost the same price that Men's Warehouse quoted us for a rental so it was completely worth it to actually own a fitted suit that we can get multiple uses out of it. The suit turned out better than we could have imagined. Sal and Shae were so professional and helpful. We will definitely use them in the future!!

Ken G., Temecula, CA 11/2/2017 (5 Stars Yelp)

Sal and Shae, are the best in the business hands down! I am a repeat customer for a reason; my standards are high and they exceed them each and every time.

Timrhinojj, Oct 2017 (5 Stars Google) 

Shae and Sal are amazing. My suit arrived in 2 days. Fit perfect. Thank you again. Can't wait to buy another from you.

Alek Rois-Mendez, September (5 Stars Google)

Shae and Sal are amazing. My wife and I are so pleased with the detailed effort they put in to bring to life what we envisioned for our wedding. Their suits were top notch and their service: stellar! Not to mention they are the warmest and pleasurable people you will meet. Definitely recommended for you suit/tuxedo needs. Thanks Shae & Sal!

Burrows Production, September 2017 (5 Stars Google)

Their customer service, quality product, and prices are simply unbeatable. They know their product very well, and treat their customers with the greatest of care.


Matt S., La Jolla, CA September 11, 2017 (5 Stars Google)

Another 5 star review here, especially for the fantastic customer service. Shae is extremely helpful and friendly, and treats her customers with more personal attention than I've ever experienced at bigger suit stores. She spent the time to help me find the perfect suit for a wedding and charged a very fair price. I will absolutely return here for all my future suiting needs.

Cameron P. August 2017(5 Stars Google)

Shae and Sal went above and beyond to put me the perfect suit at an affordable price. They made me feel like family and put an incredible amount of attention to detail, I would not dream of going anywhere else!


Lucy R., Temecula CA 7/24/2017 (5 Stars Yelp)

Our Son is getting married in another state. Unfortunately, life got to us and we lost track of time. I began to call around to see who could help on with a weeks notice. Men's Warehouse service was terrible and wanted $20.00 additional fee for each day after 48 hours. We planned to be gone 10 days so it the price was adding up fast. We didn't see the need to purchase a suit that would be worn once and my husband is not an average size man. As good luck would have it, I called Class Act. Sal happened to answer the phone and was very warm and helpful. He assured me they could help fit my husband and have his suit ready within 5 days. In addition to that his price would be $130 for the entire ten days. We went in to the shop and his Wife Shae was just as kind and caring as Sal. They are so warm they make you feel like family. We received a call the suit was ready to be picked up one day earlier than expected. We went in to try in on and it fit perfectly. There is no one other than Sal and Shae I would give my future business to and would recommend them to anyone that has a need for their service. 

Furthermore, Shae and I share the love of Al Pacino. Need I say more?

Michael D., Winchester, CA July 22, 2017 (5 Stars Yelp)

I needed a new suit for a job interview and stopped by and the owner Sal set me up. A few days later I picked up my suit and it fit perfectly. I also met his wife (I can't remember her name) and she was very friendly.
I originally went to this store because it was a Sunday and a lot of local places were closed. But I will be referring all my friends to this place. My suit was priced a lot lower than I expected and the owners are really nice people.

Jessica Crawford, July 2017 (5 Stars Google)

This place is incredible!!! Sal was so helpful and accommodating. I highly recommend Class Act Tuxedo. The name says it all!!!


Brianna T., March 2017 (5 Stars Google)

My man look as handsome as ever before thanks to you guys, my wedding was perfect and his suit was amazing!

Awesome customer service, friendly and lovely couple, thanks for all the advice


Juan C., March 2017 (5 Stars Google)

Great people with outstanding and professional service, if you want the job done on a nice suit at the right price then this is the place to go.


Daniel L., Murrieta, CA, 3/13/2017 (5 Stars Yelp)

Class Act Tuxedo is just that: a class act! 

Not only do they consistently fit the young men in my school's band with brilliantly tailored tuxes every year and provide excellent service in that manner, but Shae and Sal also outfitted my wedding and made sure my groomsmen and I were looking sharp for the special day.
Their prices are fair and their service is unmatched. Cannot recommend highly enough.


Eduardo R. San Jacinto, CA 3/9/2017 (5 Stars Yelp)

Love this place excellent customer service reasonable prices lots of options to choose from. Thank you guys for everything


Jeromie B., Temple City, CA 2/27/2017 (5 Stars Yelp)

Great selection of tuxedos to rent and/or own with extremely high quality! Shae and Sal are AMAZING! A total class act that really does care about their customers. I came here for my wedding and I quickly found the perfect tuxedo. Slim custom fit, tailored beautifully, with all the right accessories to match my style!


Larry M., February 2017 (5 Stars Google)

Talk about life savers getting married in 2 days and they had exactly what i needed and i walked out with it spent the time to accommodate my every need i recommend this place to everyone great service


Todd D. February 2017 (5 Stars Google)

Shae and Sal treated us like family. They fitted my sons and me skillfully and provided us with quality tuxedos - the most comfortable I've ever worn. Thank you! Don't go anywhere else! We'll definitely be back...


Trent F. February 2017 (5 Stars Google)

Outstanding customer service, prices, and support. I required a Tuxedo on very short notice and after calling several men's clothing stores, was referred to Class Act in Temecula due to the immediate need. I called Sal and he advised that he would not only be able to help me, but that he would keep the cost the same despite my needing the Tuxedo longer than normal due to traveling across country. He offered to meet me early, before the store opened and based on some cursory measurements from over the phone, had me fitted and ready to go in under 30 minutes.
To my further appreciation, when I returned from my trip, I left an invitation to the event I had attended in the pocket. Upon realizing this, I called and spoke with Shae who not only looked for, but found and mailed back the invitation.
I cannot begin to tell you how great the overall experience was from start to finish and in the end, I plan to use them for any future tuxedo needs. Further, I fully recommend them to anyone in the future.
Thank you Sal and Shae!!!!


Rory V., Camarillo, CA (5 Stars Yelp) 12/4/2016

Shae and Sal are simply amazing. I know NOTHING about dressing up and looking sharp. They walked me through the entire process with such ease. They don't try to up sell you on things you don't need. There is one downfall. Just being around Sal will make you want to step your style game up. Lol.


D. Pauls  December 2016 (5 Stars Google)

Don't waste your time going anywhere else. The customer service and inventory this store has is amazing. I called every other rental place and no one could help, except for Class Act. They are looking to help and assist in any way they can and they rock! No one can beat this store  they are too good 


Barbara S., Carlsbad, CA (5 Stars Yelp) 11/27/2016

Class Act Tuxedo & Bridal is THE place to go in the Temecula / Murrieta area!  Their selection is very good, but it's their service that is amazing!!  My husband needed a new suit ASAP for an event on Saturday, but on 'Black Friday,' the last place we wanted to go was a mall.  We were so happy when we found Class Act right across the street from the Promenade!  We explained to Shae what we needed and she immediately lept into action.  She found a suit that fit my husband perfectly on the first try, and then she personally hemmed the slacks perfectly.  Voila!  Within just minutes, we walked out with an excellent-quality suit, one that fits perfectly and is indistinguishable from custom-tailored.  Plus, the bottom line was amazingly affordable!  In addition, this is a locally-owned business, not some national corporate chain; the difference is wonderful.  Shae and Sol ROCK!


Estefania B., Wilmington, NC (5 Stars Yelp) 11/6/2016

Shae and Sal were extraordinary. This is your one stop shop. The customer service is spectacular. My fiance and I came in looking for his suit for our wedding and we came out so happy with the suit. It was a perfect fit and the exact look we were going for. Thank you Sal for the great fast service. We are definitely coming back!

Coral L., Redlands, CA ( 5 Stars Yelp and Google ) 9/20/2016

This place is awesome! My boyfriend had to get a suit for a wedding totally last minute (needless to say, we were way stressed out), but Shae and Sal immediately took on the challenge as if the problem was their own. We ended up with a suit matching the rest of the groomsman perfectly (only his was even nicer), and my boyfriend even bought it as opposed to renting because it was such a great deal! Not to mention, all of the little details they helped us with, like shoes and a proper shirt. They managed to have us in and out quickly with every trip we had to make, while still making us feel welcome and having good conversations with us. Great business, ran by great people!


Brooklyn D., Temecula, CA  (5 Stars Yelp)3/26/2016

Awesome!Awesome!Awesome! I sent a pic of what I wanted to look like because I had an event to attend in 4 days and they were amazing. I came in and in a matter of minutes they had me dressed and the very next day had the suit fitted to perfection. Suffice it to say they are awesome...


Peter T. , Temecula, 2/24/2016  CA (5 Stars Yelp and

I needed a last minute tux for an event in less than 24 hours. I was pretty sure I was going to have a tough time finding a tux to rent because of the time constraints and I am shorter and thinner than average and prefer my clothes to be fitted. I called Class Act Tuxedo and spoke with Shae. She was very nice. I told her my situation and she said come by as soon as I can and they will help me. I arrived and was greeted by Sal. He was very happy to help me and asked me all sorts of questions regarding what type of tux I was looking for. I don't rent tuxedo's often so I had no idea where to begin. He was able to whip something up for me very quickly. He took my measurements and said my tux will be ready by 11am the next day. 

I picked up my tux the following day and everything fit just right. I received all sorts of compliments at the event I attended. Sal and Shae couldn't have made this process any easier. 5 stars all the way!! 

Thank you Sal & Shae!!


Mark D., Temecula CA 11/19/2015  (5 Stars Yelp)

WOW! - Class Act Tuxedo once again came through for me! - This time I needed help deciding on a retro style look for an upcoming awards gala for an Old World Hollywood theme party.  Shae was super helpful and did't try to over sell me, but instead, offered ways to incorporate some of my existing wardrobe to the jacket to keep the cost down.  She even sowed a button on an old jacket I brought in while I waited - Fantastic service from start to finish!


Ana M. October 23, 2015 (5 Stars

Wonderful shop!★★★★★

This was our first time coming in and we will keep coming back for any future occasions. We were looking for tuxedos for my husband and our boys for our 15th wedding anniversary and they did an amazing job. The customer service is amazing. Shae and sal do an exceptional job and always very helpful and easy to work with. Hands down the best customer service we've ever had. I'm very happy to have chosen their store.


Isaac P. September 19, 2015  (5 Stars

Phenomenal Experience ★★★★★

World Class?? That doesn't even begin to express how amazing this shop is. Shae and Sal are probably on my top 10 list of people now. Aside from a clean establishment, amazing service, and a wide selection, they treat you like family. Only two days prior to a function, Shae and Sal met my every request and Shae even met me and my buddy 3 hours before shop even opened so that she could give us our suits and we wouldn't miss class. That same day we wore those same suits for a public speaking event. Everyone loved them. Today is homecoming and I couldn't be more excited to wear this amazing presentation of both class and etiquette. Thank you Shae and Sal, you guys are God sent.


Mark D., Temecula CA  9/16/2015 (5 Stars Yelp)

This place is AMAZING!! - People who really care and are 110% dedicated to what they do.  This is the 6th tuxedo I have purchased from here and yet again I was more than impressed.  I placed my order just before closing on Tuesday night and everything was ready after alterations on Thursday morning - Really!! - who can beat that ?   I can't wait to wear my new suit and paint the town in style.


Mark D., Temecula CA  3/15/2013 (5 Stars Yelp)

I have been buying suits and renting tuxedos from Shae & Sal at Class Act for two years now and everything has always been perfect.  The personal service and expertise you get here is hard to find elsewhere, they really know their stuff.  They take the time to measure you correctly and always go the extra mile to make sure you're happy and that everything is perfect.  I always get many compliments on how well dressed I am, and that is a great feeling.  I know where I am going to get my next tuxedo.


Christina H. Murrieta, CA  9/23/2015 (5 Stars Yelp)

Absolutely stoked we found this place! We wanted to rent the suits/shoes for our wedding. Shae gave us an unbeatable price for my fiancé and all the men in our bridal party. She has an awesome eye for style & detail. Her and her husband are both extremely kind, personable and easy to work with. The whole process was just simple and easy. I would highly recommend them and definitely will use them again for any future special events!


Lex B. Murrieta, CA 10/5/2015 (5 Stars Yelp)

Very very friendly and they are all about the customers requests!! Recently got married and my groom and the groomsman looked absolutely stunning. Recommend this shop to anyone who loves professional and fast service. Very satisfied we chose this shop.


Jared Z. (5 Stars Yelp) 6/5/2015

An amazing experience! Shae and Sal are the owners and I had to rent a tux one day prior to the event. They are very outgoing, as they quickly make your customer experience, one in a million. Within an hour they had me fixed up and ready to go. They are a HUGE military supporter. On display are uniforms service members donated in appreciation for their service to the military. Although they do not do alterations to military uniforms, they did help out with the price. For a tux, bow tie, cuff links, vest, jacket and additional pride, they threw in cost of shoes (for being military) for $99. They loved telling us about their stories involving the military they have taken care of over the years. They live up to their name! Sal also speaks Spanish. I will recommend them with the highest review!


Rafael M. Temecula, CA 5/12/2015 (5 Stars Yelp)

Easy in and out, great service, suits were nice. Id go again. I think I am to get some pants altered -Rafael


Christian R., 4/17/2015 (5 Stars Yelp)

Shae and Sal are amazing! The customer service is exceptional! Iv been coming to them for years and will continue to go for multiple more years. 

They provide everything in house. If you need something altered Sal is the guy! 

They provided me great suits for myself and my groomsmen! This is the place to go! They will give you the best quality at the best price!


David G., 2/18/2015 (5 Stars Yelp)

Shae was great!!! I had a wedding to attend on Saturday and I didn't get into town until Friday. I called ahead with a couple of general measurements and she had everything ready to go. This was the easiest fastest Tux fitting I ever had....... and it was all last minute. Shae was 2 steps ahead of me the whole fitting. It was like tuxedo pieces flying all around me and then VOILA, magically a perfect fit..... And I'm not an easy body to fit perfectly! Not only that, but my daughters were in the wedding party too. I needed to find a seamstress for some last minute alterations for their dresses and Shae was able to refer the perfect seamstress. Thank you, KEEP IT UP! 


Beth C., 2/16/2015 (5 stars Yelp)

We went into Class Act after reading the great reviews on yelp. Greeted warmly by Shea and Sal. Originally we were looking for a vintage -esque look for my sons winter formal at The Marconi Vintage Car Museum in Orange County.  They helped us figure out what we needed to achieve that look. We walked out of there more than pleased; we rented a roaring 20's vintage striped Armani suit, with hat and shoes. The customer service they provided us went above and beyond. We immediately recommended them to other students from OCSA,  where my son attends. My son will be attending prom with his girlfriend in May and they hope to dress in a Steampunk theme and we will definitely look forward to doing business with this wonderful husband and wife team again. 


Matt M. 5/21/2015 (5 Stars Yelp)

I cannot say enough about this place!!! Hands down the best service I've ever received, best prices, and the tuxes and suits look amazing.  You can tell this is Shae and Sal's baby as they pour themselves into every aspect of serving you for you big event.  I came here because I wanted my groomsmen to have the option to buy or rent their suits.  Shae went out of her way to make that possible at unbeatable prices.  All my guys love their suits (every guy ended up buying them after seeing how nice they were) and I love my tux! 

Sal also does all the tailoring in-house, which means you will get the exact fit you want.  This is my new "go to" shop for any suits.  By the way, I drove from Encinitas just to use their them.  You can't beat Class Act Tuxedo!! They made my wedding go so smoothly - and Shae even picked up the rented shoes from the hotel for my groomsmen! I'm telling ya, this is where you need to go. Its the best!! 


Aaron Andrew Sabio, September 22, 2014 (5 Stars Facebook)

Shae and Sal are the powerhouse couple of the year. They measured and tailored me and 8 other groomsmen and the groom himself in no time at all! I enjoyed every single minute of working with them in their well organized store. If you are looking for a place to rent a tux, shirt, tie, dress shoes, or anything to make you look PERFECT for any special event, this is THEE place to go. 


Laura S. San Diego, CA  9/6/2014 (5Stars Yelp)

So my husband and I went here to get his suit for our wedding. Honestly we were intending to rent but when it came down to it the service was excellent and it buy the suit only cost I believe $40 more. This is the best husband and wife shop that you can get. Both know their stuff inside and out and were very accommodating in such a short time frame. We will be back for all of our suit and tuxedo needs. Thank you so much my husband looked incredibly handsome in his three piece charcoal grey suit. I was very impressed.
5 of 5 stars
Feb 17, 2013
Class Act Tuxedo-Bridal 26459 Ynez Rd,
TemeculaCA 92591
Have you heard of the saying "Second Time Around Is Twice As Nice"? Class Act proved themselves all over again for me, and I'm happy to share with you the experience. I had a small (but memorable!) part in the new film SAVING LINCOLN was getting ready for the premiere. Since Shae was so on top of everything in regards to my first experience as a client with hooking up my tuxedo ("see MIRACLE WORKER" on Insider Pages), I wanted to get her to help me alter my suit to fit my new body type. She took a look at my suit, and although it would work fine, this was going to be my first time on the red carpet. She wanted me to look GOOD. Next thing I know, I'm walking out of the shop in a killer charcoal suit, with black microfiber shirt, vest, etc. I looked and felt ready to do the night in style. As for advice? Know this: 1) They treat you like gold. 2) They have style for days. 3) You will go back to them again. And again. Cheers!



I just happened to be in the area and needed a nice suit. 

Stopped into Class Act Tuxedo just to look around and I ended up getting a wonderful suit! The owner Shae was so helpful, what a warm and wonderful place. Whenever I have need of another suit I will definitely go back. 

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