JUST SUITS For MEN (A Division of Class Act Tuxedo - Temecula)

is a leading suit retailer that specializes in formal, business, and casual attire. Measurements are taken by professionals, merchandise is on hand and all alterations are done on site. Same day service available. Suit sale starts at $169.00  For additional information Call 951-296-5885 

Quote for the week: "Looking good isn't self-importance; it's self-respect."- Charles Hix

Black 2 button Notch lapel suit 

Slim and modern Fit  

Light grey with black trim suit
Slim fit - available in royal blue, navy, and charcoal

Navy Peak lapel Tuxedo with black trim 

Slim and modern Fit


Charcoal grey Peak lapel Tuxedo with black trim  (Shawl lapel vest optional)

Slim and modern Fit - Short, Regular, Long 


Charcoal grey 2 button suit (vest optional)

Available in black, light grey and navy

Slim and modern fit  


Tan Suit ( vest optional)

Slim and modern fit


Black Tuxedo Shawl Lapel -Slim and modern fit    

Purple Suit - Slim fit     

   Black 2 button Notch lapel suit 

   Slim and modern Fit 


   Charcoal grey notch lapel Tuxedo with  trim -          (vest optional) Slim Fit  

     French Blue  Peak lapel Tuxedo with black              trim Slim and modern Fit 



    Charcoal grey shawl lapel vest 

  (Sal Blue) also available in grey (Sal Grey)

   Slim fit



Seersucker Suit

available in blue, tan and pink

 Slim  and modern Fit   

Black Tuxedo Notch Lapel 

Slim and modern fit     


Red Suit - Slim fit    

   Black 2 button Peak lapel sharkskin

   Slim and modern Fit 

   Grey windowpane 2 button suit 

   Slim and modern Fit 


     Navy blue windowpane peak lapel suit - Slim fit


   Charcoal grey with black trim- Slim fit


White tuxedo with satin black shawl  lapel - 

Slim fit    

Jacket colors (red, burgundy, grey, navy, black)

Pictured - Customer Christopher R. 

Black Tuxedo Peak  Lapel 

Slim and modern Fit   


Yellow Suit - Slim fit


Royal blue Suit - Slim fit    

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