Book Releases 

CONGRATULATIONS SHAE & SAL!  Shae & Sal, owners of Class Act Tuxedo, are delighted to announce the release of their two books "The Suit As Lifestyle: Self-Image, Etiquette & Manners"(2014)  a Gentleman's guide to refinement, and " The Suit As Lifestyle: Best suit for the Occasion" (2015) 

These books offer insight on how and when to wear a suit or tuxedo, etiquette and manners, and coordinating your look to suit your lifestyle.  Great books to add to your library and or to gift someone.  Books are available through Class Act Tuxedo (, London Publishing & Company (,  and

Cover photo- Kyle Saenz ( Class Act Tuxedo Model/ Photographer - Annette Thomsen Saenz)    

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